Five simple tips on how you can save money and help the environment

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Use products that are made 100% of natural fibres. Whatever you buy these days a huge amount of product are kind of hybrids between natural fibre and synthetic fibres. The problem with that is the microplastic that is implemented in those products. After we throw those products away the microplastic is very hard to reuse. So next time when you maybe are buying new clothes and especially for sports look at the tag in the inside. Products made 100% of cotton don´t look different from the other products and usually don´t vary in the cost. Another good thing is that 100% cotton clothes are not only better for your skin because it is natural but they also don´t start to smell so fast. Very good for people who are very active or do a lot of sports. That way you can use your clothes more often which means that the fibres don´t get damaged so fast from washing and you can safe water and money.

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Get a reusable bag. You don´t have to take every time you go for grocery shopping one of those plastic bags which you use only once and then throw away or put into the shelf with the thought of using them once again someday. Which let’s be honest won´t happen in most of the time. You can get nice reusable bags made from cotton almost everywhere on the internet. The good thing is that most of them are already foldable so they fold into a cute little cube if you don´t use them so they don´t take so much space. Since you have to pay in a lot of stores for the plastic bags you will also safe money in the long run. Another good thing is that you can put more stuff in them without worrying about ripping them. By the way, they look stylish too.

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Use degradable trash bags. So this one is special one. Last year during a trip I found degradable trash bags in a shop and it makes so much sense. Since humanity is producing more and more trash why should we produce even more trashy by using trash bags that are made out of plastic? Degradable trash bags are made out of some biomaterial that is eco friendly and still very tearproof. So you don´t have to worry that they will start degrading in your bin. Most of them also have a nice scent so your bin actually smells kind of neutral. It is possible that not every local store will have them but they are very easy to find on the internet. Just type in “degradable trash bags”.

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Next one might be a little bit of a challenge for some people. Eat less meat. Especially the very cheap from the discounter. The meat production makes a huge impact on our environment. Not only are the breeding conditions absolutely disgusting but also the meat itself is not the best for our body. A lot of farms use different hormones and medicine to make the animals grow faster, bigger and immune against diseases. All that you can then find in the meat that we eat later on. There are many other factors and a lot of studies on why too much meat is not that healthy but that would be too much for now. So maybe consider eating less meat and buying fresh from a local store which you know that the animals were treated well and healthy.

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Last but not least consider turning off the wifi during the night. So I´ll not go into the discussion if wifi radiation is bad for our health or not. But why should the wifi router be running during the night when you are sleeping and not using it? You can get a timmer and connect it to you wifi router which will cut off the power by a set time and turn it back on before you wake up. So when you wake up all your devises will be connected again and ready for you to use them. Yess, a wifi router is not the biggest energy user in a household but it still is using electricity. Fun fact: I managed to safe about 12€ over the year by just changing this little aspect. Yes, it may not sound a lot but imagine doing that with every device that is using electricity even if you don´t use it. Not only how much money you would safe but also energy.

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So maybe you can now implement those simple ways of helping our environment to your daily life and as you saw also a help your wallet a little bit.

Hey! Welcome. I´m Alex a young law student from Germany who´s passion is entrepreneurship, economics, personal development, cars, sports and a lot other.

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Hey! Welcome. I´m Alex a young law student from Germany who´s passion is entrepreneurship, economics, personal development, cars, sports and a lot other.

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